Magic Torso™ Product Description

Magic Torso™ Dildo Mount

Accommodate Most Dildo Sizes

Get a more realistic thrill out of your suction cup dildo or vibrating sex toy.   Tired of your hands doing all the work?  The Magic Torso™ will accommodate most dildo sizes.  If you use a traditional size dildo, the Magic Torso™ will easily do the job.  If you are into the thrill of a large 9″ dildo, you will have no issues with getting the job done.  We have tested the Magic Torso™ with a porn star replicated dildo of 11″ and it came through with flying colors.  What ever you are into, the Magic Torso™ will get the job done.  Made in Texas and ships from Texas.

Magic Torso™ Dildo Stand Pecan
Pecan – Medium Size 7″ Dildo
Magic Torso™ Dildo Stand Black Walnut Large Dildo
Black Walnut – Large Size 9″ Dildo

Product Details

Here are some details about the product and how it compares to other similar products.

  • Works with any suction cup dildo or strap-on harness dildo.

  • Less expensive than other options and you can use your favorite dildo.

  • If a dildo wears out or no longer desirable, you can  replace and still use the Magic Torso™

  • It can be used at any angle or height by using your existing pillows or furniture.

  • Textured body is carved into the wood and is not a decal.

  • Virtually indestructible under normal use.

  • Easy to clean and can be ready almost immediately.

  • Very easy to store and easier to explain than a large contraption.

Compatible with These and Other Toys

The Magic Torso™ is designed to work with almost any suction cup dildo and strap-on dildo harness.

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